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Our Vision

In 3PARA-GU, we focus on having fun. However, for us the fun is not just shooting bad AI, but being the best that we can. We take great pride in being allowed to use the name 3PARA, and we always perform at our best, to live up to that name. To live up to the high standards that the regiment has in real life. And while we dont always win our fights, we always try to learn from our mistakes.

With the help of 3PARA-GU HQ, the Clan Leader works hard, to make it as fun, without overcomplicating thing, for the unit as whole. And they assist the unit in always moving forward to new heights. It is an administrative role, for the members with the skillset and mindset to push the unit to be the best

Being in 3PARA-GU, means having the right mindset, and the right attitude.

It means being in a community, a brotherhood, a unit. We dont run around like Special Forces Rambos, because thats not in our spirit. Everyone wants to be a Hero, but very few understands what that means. Here, we know that together, we can lift. A finger alone can only pull a trigger, but a coordinated hand, can perform many actions, that will outperform 5 fingers just pulling triggers.

So yes, we focus primarily on teamwork. When a member seeks to join our unit, we dont care about how many shooting games you have done, or how good your score is. We care about them being able to perform in a team. Because once they roll with us, we rely on them. They cover our flanks and backs. A rambo wont. And we have seen firsthand, our members coming from no experience in shooting games of any kind, and still out-performing experienced ArmA players. And thats only after our short 5 Part ITC training.

Skills can be taught, but a mindset, is difficult to shape.

3 quotes that will sum up what we are about:

"Discipline breed focus, focus breed efficiency"

The first quote is about being on missions or in training, and taking it seriously. When we arent "deployed", we tend to relax and have fun. This isnt to be confused with having to salute everywhere and calling Officers "sir". We dont do that here. It means being quiet when in training, and listening. It means not running around and taking the piss (British expression meaning making fun or a joke of something).

"Only by striving for perfection can we get close to it"

The second quote means to always try and improve, and attempt to reach perfection. Perfection can never be achieved, as there is ALWAYS room for improvement. This doesnt mean beating yourself up because you didnt reach the perfect goal, but it means being able to analyse what you do good, and what needs work. And THAT is the way to progress. After all, if you aint moving forward, you either move back, or fall into entropy. And remember, many legends have died to Hubris!

"Have fun and share it"

Everyone can have a bad day, or a bad game. When we play games, we try not to hog all the fun for ourselves. Imagine pilots shooting everything from the air, and the infantry never getting to shoot the enemy. Or someone is having a bad day, gets on the game. And instead of helping the guy get a better day, they ostracize him. This will only lead to Drama, which will spread bad vibes and ruin the fun for everyone. We dont accept dickish behaviour or bullying. And we always try to make sure everyone gets a better day. Just keep in mind! That sort of thing goes both ways.

I hope this helps you understand what 3PARA-GU is about.

So dont be a stranger! Come and be part of our community. Our members play many different games and our TeamSpeak is always open to those who want to be part of a healthy and fun community. And who knows, maybe when you have been hanging around for a bit, you'll want to be part of the Family too. Just remember, this isn't for everyone. Not everyone has the mindset to earn and wear the beret. That is absolutely okay, we understand it's not for everyone, but maybe it is for you? Maybe you think you can even help us improve? Or maybe, you just align with our vision, and want a place to belong?

The only way to be sure, is to sign up. So what are you waiting for?

- Lt. D. Schmidt - Clan Leader
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