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Work with a tactical based team with authentic British gear and advance your battlefield skills


Fight Along Side Real Life Military Personel

Fight with European based military personnel with battlefield experience


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Head on over to the Career Office and submit an application. Applicants must be 16+


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Talk to AAC about potential vacancies in their section


Mission Night

New and exciting missions every Sunday at 7pm GMT. We also work with other units in joint operations.

Welcome to the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit. We are a UK and European based group, using British Army Equipment and Tactics in Bohemia Interactive's ArmA 3. The Gaming Unit operates as A Company (ACOY) 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit. ACOY currently comprises of 1SEC, 2SEC, AAC and FSG.


Recruit Training Closed Until 28th August 2017 - Posted 04/08/2017 by RSM Loop

Due to the demand of recruits we have currently suspended until 28th August 2017. We have contacted our HQ with a request for more tea and biscuits to be delivered to our base on Stratis but we feel our email has got lost in some officers junk mail. Please stand by while we send our QRF team to invesigate, we appreciate your patience.

Operation Paraquet - Posted 24/07/2017 by Cpl Snake

So, we’re back off summer break and back on mission. This week brings a new Patrol Ops on L2 on the Map Lithium. The Patrol Ops consisted of a joint task force between the US Army and 3PARA to conduct a hearts and minds objective within the surrounding area of the occupied friendly FOB’s and Airforce base.

Currently, light resistance by the insurgents has not proven difficult but was easily overcome with great communication and carefully thought out plans with ruthless professional execution. If you are interested in such missions please feel free to join us on our TeamSpeak and someone will be able to help you set up your mods.

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Operation Back In Business - Posted 29/06/2017 by Pte HUK

This month 3PARA finished the Back In Business campagin which spanned over a period of around 4 weeks. Fierce fighting took place with 3PARA completing heart and mind tactics to the best of thier ability. Much to thier dismay, they was met with oppostion due to the heavily radicalised extremist influence in the region from not only civilians taken up arms but the militarised force amongst the population. Week by week 3PARA cleared each part of the region and handed back control to the local government to stamp out any opposition to democracy.

If you are interested in joining our GU and training missions like this please feel free to head over to our career page.

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