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Joining 3PARA GU: A Brief Introduction So you're thinking of joining? A member in 3Para is hugely rewarding experience in terms of satisfaction and overall fun. It offers the chance to play tactically alongside people you trust and respect. With so many different roles, you’re sure to find one that suits you. And don’t worry if you’re not quite ready now, we've got all the right training you need to prepare yourself for the battlefield. While we know when to get serious to get the job done, at the end of the day we enjoy playing with the friends we have met and made. We consider ourselves a mature group of gamers, in both mentality and age, the right attitude is what is most important to us. Below you will find more detailed information on subjects such as what you need to be able to play with us and what we expect from yourself. Why should I join?
Real Service Men This gaming unit forms not only of casual players but real service men ranging from the British Army, United States Army, Danish Army, Belgium Army etc. If your willing to commit yourself at least to 4 hours a week to a dedicated team then this is the gaming unit for you. Mod Pack Fed up of downloading heaps of mods to play on different servers? With our All in One Mod pack you can be in the fight in a flash! Feel free to reach out to our members for help and support. Mission Nights We run a full scale mission every Sunday. No two missions are the same and you are guaranteed to have a great experience around the people you enjoy playing with!
What are your requirements?
 You will need a legal copy installed of the basic-game: Arma 3 + Apex DLC & your computer meets the requirements of the game. You can find more information here. You will need the latest version of Teamspeak 3 for real-time in-game communication. You can find the free download here. You must have a proper working microphone. It is essential to our game play. You cannot participate without it. You must be of minimum age 16. The game is rated 16+ You are prepared to spend min. 4 hours a week on the training, the game and the battalion. You agree to these Rules & Regulations.



Regulations  New applicants cannot be members of other clans. New Recruits are expected to attend training in our dedicated Instructor Training Course (ITC). A minimum of 5 successful training sessions are required to become a private in our battalion. This must be achieved in a reasonable time-period, no longer than a 10 week period. Use the information on the forums to keep to date to our specific game play and team-tactics. You are encouraged to give feedback, suggestions and reference material to improve on this information and our capability’s. We play as a team. enjoy & enforce our game-style. Respect & work with your fellow team-members and the chain of command whilst in the game and on the forums. Behave mature & tolerant. All are expected to behave as a good example for our battalion towards members and public guests.
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