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About 3Para GU

3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit is a UK based group, using British Army equipment and British Army Tactics.

We started many years ago, as a merge of 2 different units. Originally we were a mechanized infantry unit, but as time went on we got bored and changed the flavour.

The flavour became the 3Para unit. This was back in the first ArmA game. Members came and left and in an attempt to refresh everything, the unit tried to adapt again, first to a PMC unit called Fenrir International, and then to TF87. Fenrir was an interesting idea, but the administrative work of keeping tabs on money and equipment, became too high, and the unit changed to a Joint Special forces task force. In Task Force 87, we had SAS, SBS, SOAR, Ranger and few others. It allowed us to use a relatively small sized unit, to do a lot of work. While Fenrir lasted only a few weeks, TF87 kept on for a few months.

However, we felt like something was missing. HQ talked things through, and reached out for everyone in the unit. More or less everyone was in agreement, that we would revert to the 3Para.

Now, you might notice that we write "3Para" and not "3PARA-GU".

During our time, other Para units came along and in spite of having been around for not even a 10th of our time, they accused us of trying to steal their concept. Other units acted like children and couldn't see reason. For this, our HQ contacted the 3rd Parachute Regiment of the UK and asked for permission to use the name, while explaining about our ways, our higher than normal standards, our background and our vision.

The Parachute Regiment gave us not only permission, but their blessings as well. They asked for only one thing to change; That we differentiate between us and the real life Paras and thus the "GU" (for Gaming Unit) was added to our name.

To this day, we are one of the longest surviving members of the ArmA community, as a single unit. In honour of the 3rd Parachute Regiment we always keep a high standard, so we won't ever shine a bad light on the name. Always ready to adapt. Always striving to become the best that we can, just so that we can be:

Utrinque Paratus

(Ready for Anything)

3Para-GU Organisation

The Gaming Unit operates as A Company (ACOY) 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit. ACOY currently Comprises 1 Platoon and 2 Platoon Manoeuvre Support.

1st Platoon comprises:

  • 1 Section (1SEC)
  • 2 Section (2SEC)

1 Platoon provide highly trained, professional Airborne Infantry soldiers for deployment on our ground operations. Members of 1 Platoon invest time in achieving a primary & secondary Patrol Skill, ranging from an Explosive Ordnance Disposal expert, who clears routes of Improvised Explosive Devices for the transit of troops and logistics, to a Forward Air Controller, who is responsible for controlling Fixed & Rotary Wing aircraft for Close Air Support & Close Combat Attack.

As a member of 1 Platoon, you can expect a varied and exciting career. Starting as a recruit, you will complete your Combat Infantryman’s Course with our Infantry Training Centre. This Course prepares you for operational Deployment with the Battalion and will give you the confidence and skills needed to be an Airborne Infantry Soldier. After completing your Combat Infantryman’s Course, you will be moved to a rifle section of your choice in 1 Platoon.

2 Platoon Manoeuvre Support comprises:

  • Army Air Corps Flight Section (AAC)
  • Fire Support Group (FSG)

2 Platoon Manoeuvre Support is responsible for supporting 1 Platoon in it’s ground Operations. Highly Skilled, Highly motivated and specialists in Artillery & Mortar fire, Fire Support and Tactical Air Operations, 2 Platoon Manoeuvre Support is the back bone of 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit.

As a Member of 2 Platoon Manoeuvre Support, you can expect to become a highly trained, highly qualified, specialist soldier.

In Game

In Game We have dedicated mission’s nights in which we complete a custom build set mission or objective. During this mission the clan will be playing as realistically as possible. We have certain rules for each role type, for example Medic’s can only heal the wounded, pilots are the only people that can fly and Sniper teams are working in two’s with one spotting and the other sniping. The mission is tactically planned & executed using our ranked command structure. Teamspeak3 is used as real-time speech system for all participating, commanders use the appropriate channels to relay information between the different sections.

New players (or Recruits) will be given full training on how we play. Also the forums supplies all kinds of information to enlisted people, to improve on your skills & knowledge as a platoon soldier. Once a recruit has passed their training they will be assigned to a Section. If they wish to be assigned to a different role then they can put in a transfer request to their desired position.

All members can voluntary participate in refining the aspects that form our team. Next to playing with us in the game, you are invited to use the forums to post idea’s, reference information and discuss on any subject that can improve our team. You can learn and participate in mission/mod/addon making. Together we will evolve in desired directions to keep the most optimum team and gameplay!

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